About our Organization

Discover Makiliqta and meet the team that has been changing lives in Nunavut. Our organization is committed to reducing the level of poverty in the Northernmost Canadian province through responsible online gambling.

Our organization is founded in 2012 and is based in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. The small communities in this region were largely designed for subsistence living. However, government funding has assisted Nunavut in developing the entertainment industry, including gambling and online casinos. The revenue generated from these casinos has reduced the level of poverty in the region by 29%. We are proud to maintain and grow this progress by partnering with other social enterprises working towards similar goals, distributing funds for education, health care.

We have the infrastructure and the experience to provide a safe and secure online gaming environment. We believe in fair play, which includes our ability to suspend any violations by both players and the casino. Our commitment is to provide Nunavut with a new source of revenue while educating Nunavut citizens about responsible online gaming.

Organization Nunavut Roundtable on Poverty Reduction